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As you may know, one of the products we give away is our “WordPress landing Page” which has has 1000’s of downloads from over 50 countries. It has been tested with version 3.0 of WordPress and has passed with flying colours.

If you’ve not tried it yet the take a look at the WordPress Landing Page site which has a short video on the front page which explains the offer and when you download the .zip file you also get a 27 minute video explaining exactly how to install and configure the page onto any WordPress Installation.

As you may know the psychology of a Landing Page is quite specific, and this WordPress Theme has been designed from may trial and much testing and we KNOW IT WORKS!! So give it a try.

If you are using AWeber as your opt in box and Autoresponder, you will need to make a couple of pages which can not be seen or accessed from the original  page.


If you’re not sure how this all fits together, then wath the client process carefully when you enter your details and press the submit button.

First you will be taken to a page asking for you to go to your email to confirm your subscription, the next thing you will notice is the email itself. Clicking on the confirmation link within that email


will open the “download” page where you can download the .zip file which is the WordPress Theme. At this point you can also get access to the 27 minute video.

Let me know what you think of the client journey, I think it works like a charm and in fact, I have had some great feedback on how this and other sites have been set up. In fact I honestly believe it’s one of the hidden gems of Internet Marketing, getting the client journey set up properly is a skill which can be learnt. If you want to learn these and other Internet Marketing skills, whether they be technical or psychological then there are many ways to do this with us.

As a FREE member of this site you will be informed of any events or online courses that become available…. So watch this space!!!

ACCESS The FREE WordPress landing Page Here!!!

Here’s to your success

Andy Phillips

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